SCCM Quiz – Set 01

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Which of below discovery method also called heartbeat discovery?

For which purpose Update Group used in Configuration Manager?

Which log file record installation errors for ConfigMgr application deployment (Application model)?

Which one is top most site in Configuration Manager (SCCM) hierarchy?

You are using Configuration Manager for Software Distribution and Patch Management. You have to install ConfigMgr client on 100+ geographically distributed workstations where you don't have admin rights. The site server Network access account also don't have admin perimission on those workstations. Which of below methods you can use for client installation.

What is the purpose of Global condition in Configuration Manager?

You have to deploy App1 on Collection1 which includes all Windows 10 computers. You have another collection Sales1 and you need to exclude all computers in Sales1 collection from the deployment. Which of below is best option to achieve this.

You have to deploy an application App1 version 2.0 through application deployment in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager. You need to ensure all previous version (if exists) are uninstalled. Which of below feature can be used for uninstallation of previous version?

Which log file will record details about software update deployment on ConfigMgr client?

Which of below can be a detection method in application deployment?

Which of below are type of Deployment in Configuration Manager?

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