ConfigMgr | SCCM

Configuration Manager (SCCM) is an endpoint management solution for Microsoft devices, applications, and servers.

How to Create , View and Organize SCCM Maintenance Windows

A Configuration Manager maintenance windows restrict the deployments on SCCM client during specified timeframe. The SCCM Maintenance Windows ensure that client configuration changes occur during specified time frame only and that don’t affect productivity. A maintenance window can be configured with an effective date, a start and end time, and a recurrence pattern.

SCCM Collection Maintenance Windows

How to Schedule SCCM Client Reboot through ConfigMgr

You may have a requirement to reboot SCCM client computers which have not been rebooted for n number of days. This process can be used to schedule a reboot using PowerShell script deployed as SCCM application. The PowerShell script will check if machine was rebooted in last n number of days. If not it will return exit code 3010 instructing SCCM client agent that a soft reboot is required.

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