SCCM Quiz – Set 02

Welcome to SCCM Quiz - Set 02

Which one of below cannot be a boundary in ConfigMgr?

You are ConfigMgr administrator at You have to create an application. Which option you will select in ConfigMgr console.

Which tool can you use to view ConfigMgr client logs in real time?

Which site system role is used for client communication in ConfigMgr?

Which port is used by SQL Service Broker?

Which of the following are features of ConfigMgr?

You are ConfigMgr administrator at Techuisitive.

The company purchased a new application named App1. The application need to be installed on the machines which met below criteria.
OS - Windows 10 Enterprise
Memory >= 8 GB
Free Space >= 100 GB
Select the appropriate option which you can use for Application Deployment?

You have created a deployment to install Microsoft Office 2016 on 1000+ clients. Few user reported that they are not seeing the application installed on their machine. You checked the issue for client1 in MECM report and found that installation was failed. You need to confirm if client1 started downloading the content. Which log file you will review?

Global conditions are rules that represent business or technical conditions that you can use to specify how an application is provided and deployed to client devices. You are installing Microsoft Visio Viewer 2016 on 1000+ workstations. You need to create a requirement rule to ensure application install only on machines with > 5GB free space. Which tab (see image) you will go to create the requirement rule?

You have Windows 10 64 bit and Windows 8 32-bit operating system in your organization. You need to install an application.

- The 64-bit version of application must be installed on Windows 10 machines
- The 32-bit version of application must be installed on Windows 8 machines

Select the best solution from below.

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