SCCM Collections

How to Create , View and Organize SCCM Maintenance Windows

A Configuration Manager maintenance windows restrict the deployments on SCCM client during specified timeframe. The SCCM Maintenance Windows ensure that client configuration changes occur during specified time frame only and that don’t affect productivity. A maintenance window can be configured with an effective date, a start and end time, and a recurrence pattern.

SCCM Collection Maintenance Windows

How to Create SCCM Device Collection Based on Computer Hardware Details | ConfigMgr

SCCM Computer hardware classes can be used to create dynamic query based device collection. There are different classes such as Computer System , PC_BIOS , System Enclosure , TPM etc which can be used for queries. A collection or query created in Configuration Manager uses WMI Query Language (WQL) to request objects from the SMS Provider WMI Schema, which in turn retrieves the data from site database.

Query Based Collection

How to Create SCCM Collection based on System Resource Attribute Class

The SMS_R_System Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class) is an SMS Provider server class in Configuration Manager. This class contains discovery data for all discovered system resource.

In the Query / Collection Query wizard, the friendly name of SMS_R_System is System Resource and it’s referred as Attribute Class. This class can be used to create collection based on OU , Resource creation date , SCCM client version etc.

Query Based Collection
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