Equebal Ahmad

How to Create , View and Organize SCCM Maintenance Windows

A Configuration Manager maintenance windows restrict the deployments on SCCM client during specified timeframe. The SCCM Maintenance Windows ensure that client configuration changes occur during specified time frame only and that don’t affect productivity. A maintenance window can be configured with an effective date, a start and end time, and a recurrence pattern.

SCCM Collection Maintenance Windows

Deploy Win32 App using Microsoft Store app (new) | Intune

Win32 apps can be now deployed through Microsoft store app (new). Win32 apps that are in the Microsoft Store are in preview at the time of publishing this article. The new Microsoft Store app is tightly integrated with Windows Package Manager (Winget.exe). This has expanded the catalog of applications which includes both UWP apps and Win32 apps. Third party vendors or publishers add Win32 / Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to the Microsoft Store and host the content in their respective infrastructure. You need to reach out to vendor or application owner to understand network firewall requirements if your devices are behind a firewall.

Win32 App | Microsoft store app
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