Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune , which is a part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, is a Microsoft cloud-based management tool for mobile devices that aims to provide unified endpoint management of both corporate and BYOD equipment in a way that protects corporate data. It extends some of the “on-premises” functionality of Microsoft Configuration Manager (SCCM) to the Microsoft Azure cloud. No on-premises infrastructure is required for clients to use Intune, and management is accomplished using a web-based portal accessible through

How to Obtain Hardware Hash for Manually Registring Devices with Windows Autopilot

To identify a device with Windows Autopilot, the device’s unique hardware identify (hardware hash) must be captured and uploaded to the service. This is usually first step when you want to provision a machine using Windows Autopilot. The hardware hash can be uploaded by manufacturer / raeseller for new devices. However, hardware hash need to be collected manually for the devices which are already in corporate environment and not already enrolled into Microsoft Intune.

Windows Autopilot

How to Configure Windows Kiosk Using Microsoft Intune | Windows 10 / 11

Windows kiosk is a lockdown mechanism to restrict device access to pre-defined applications. The applications appears on the desktop and user can only use those applications. Kiosk are mostly placed in public area to allow access to specific applications to authorized users or guests. For example, a self check-in kiosk at airport. We can use Microsoft Intune to deploy a Device configuration profile to configure Windows Kiosk on Windows 10 / 11 device as single app or multi-app kiosk.

Windows 10 kiosk

Bulk enrollment of Windows 10 / 11 Devices to Intune Using Provisioning Package

Provisioning package method can be used for bulk enrollment of Windows devices to Microsoft Intune. A provisioning package add devices in bulk to Azure Active Directory (AAD) and automatically enroll those devices into Microsoft Intune. This method can be used for corporate owned devices. This enrollment method requires a provisioning package which can be created using Windows Configuration Designer.

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