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How to Create , View and Organize SCCM Maintenance Windows

A Configuration Manager maintenance windows restrict the deployments on SCCM client during specified timeframe. The SCCM Maintenance Windows ensure that client configuration changes occur during specified time frame only and that don’t affect productivity. A maintenance window can be configured with an effective date, a start and end time, and a recurrence pattern.

SCCM Collection Maintenance Windows

Enclosure Chassis Types Value & Description | ConfigMgr | SCCM

A chassis or cabinet is a physical enclosure that houses the internal components of a computer system. In SCCM, Enclosure Chassis Types Values can be used to create reports, queries and collection for specific type of device such as Desktop, Laptop or Tablets.

As a Configuration Manager | SCCM administrator, you may have a requirement to create collection , query or report for different device types such as Laptop, Desktop or Tablet. This article explains about Enclosure Chassis types value which can be used to identify Desktops or Laptops.

Enclosure Chassis types
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