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A chassis or cabinet is a physical enclosure that houses the internal components of a computer system. In SCCM, Enclosure Chassis Types Values can be used to create reports, queries and collection for specific type of device such as Desktop, Laptop or Tablets.

As a Configuration Manager | SCCM administrator, you may have a requirement to create collection , query or report for different device types such as Laptop, Desktop or Tablet. This article explains about Enclosure Chassis types value which can be used to identify Desktops or Laptops.

Win32_SystemEnclsoure Class

The Win32_SystemEnclosure WMI class represent the properties that are assoicated with a pyhsical system enclosure. You can check Chassis Type information using PowerShell Get-WmiObject cmdlet.

 Get-WmiObject -class win32_systemenclosure | select  Caption,chassisTypes
Enclosure Chassis Types

The SystemEnclosure information collected from clients during hardware inventory are stored on SMS_G_SYSTEM_SYSTEM.ENCLOSURE class in SCCM.

SCCM Resource Explorer - System Enclosure

Below are the details of all Enclosure types as per Microsoft article. We can use these enclosure chassis type to create a colletion for Laptops and Desktops.

Enclosure Chassis Types Value & Description

​Chassis Type​Chassis Type Value​Chassis Type Related To
Desktop3Desktop (Including virtual machines)
Low Profile Desktop4Desktop
Pizza Box5Desktop
Mini tower6Desktop
​Hand Held11Laptop
Docking Station12Laptop
​All in One13
​Sub Notebook14Laptop
Lunch Box16Desktop
Main System Chassis17Servers
Expansion Chassis18Laptop
Sub Chassis19
Bus Expansion Chassis20
Peripheral Chassis21Laptop
Storage Chassis22
Rack Mount Chassis23Servers
Sealed-Case PC24
Convertible31​Laptop or Tablet. For example, ThinkPad Yoga 370 will have a value of 31 since it can convert from a Notebook form factor to a Tablet form factor by rotating its screen on the 360 degree Yoga hinge.
IoT Gateway​33
Embedded PC34
Mini PC35
​Stick PC​36

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