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Configuration Manager (SCCM) is an endpoint management solution for Microsoft devices, applications, and servers.

How to Create SCCM Device Collection Based on Computer Hardware Details | ConfigMgr

SCCM Computer hardware classes can be used to create dynamic query based device collection. There are different classes such as Computer System , PC_BIOS , System Enclosure , TPM etc which can be used for queries. A collection or query created in Configuration Manager uses WMI Query Language (WQL) to request objects from the SMS Provider WMI Schema, which in turn retrieves the data from site database.

Query Based Collection

How to Obtain Hardware Hash for Manually Registring Devices with Windows Autopilot

To identify a device with Windows Autopilot, the device’s unique hardware identify (hardware hash) must be captured and uploaded to the service. This is usually first step when you want to provision a machine using Windows Autopilot. The hardware hash can be uploaded by manufacturer / raeseller for new devices. However, hardware hash need to be collected manually for the devices which are already in corporate environment and not already enrolled into Microsoft Intune.

Windows Autopilot
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