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SCCM Client push installation failed with below error logged in ccmsetup.log file.

MapNLMCostDataToCCMCost() returning Cost 0x2

Client deployment cannot be fulfilled since use of metered network is not allowed.

CcmSetup failed with error code 0x87d00227

Error 0x87d00227


The error code 0x87d00227 translates to Functionality disabled. If a device is connected to metered network, new client wouldn’t install. Starting ConfigMgr version 2006 , a new ccmsetup parameter /AllowMetered can be used to allow downloads of contents over meter network.

Solution for Error 0x87d00227

You can add /AllowMetered in the Client Push Installation Properties to allow client installation even if machine is on metered network. This will bypass the metered connection only for SCCM client installation.

If you are trying to reinstall Configuration Manager client on a machine, setup may pick the previous configurations and show this message even if machine is currently not on metered connection. Hence it’s better to clean previous SCCM client installation using ccmclean.

Perform the below steps to remove ConfigMgr client and all refrence of it.

  • Copy ccmclean.exe from SCCM site server installation directory\Tools folder to client machine
  • Run ccmclean.exe from command line on remote machine
  • Monitor ccmsetup.log for cleanup progress

Once cleanup is completed, run the ccmsetup with /AllowMetered parameter. You can also add /AllowMetered in the Client Push Installation Properties if the issue need to be fixed on multiple machines using’s client push.

You can follow below steps to run ccmclean and ccmsetup on remote computer by using PowerShell remote.

Launch PowerShell and connect with PS Remote

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName <ComputerName>

cd \

cd c:\windows\ccmsetup

Uninstall SCCM Client

  • Copy ccmclean from SCCM site server insatllation directory\tools forlder to remote computer c:\Windows\ccmsetup folder
  • Run below command .


Install SCCM Client

  • Copy ccmsetup.exe from SCCM site server insatllation directory\client forlder to remote computer c:\Windows\ccmsetup folder
  • Run below command

ccmsetup.exe /force /AllowMetered SMSMP=MPSERVERNAME SMSSITECODE=XYZ

You can also use Client Push installation to reinstall client if you already added /AllowMetered switch to client push installation proprites settings.

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