Fix Application Deployment error 0x87d00213 in ConfigMgr

SCCM application deployment failing with error 0x87d00213 ( Timeout occurred / Runtime exceeded ) is quite common issue with the deployment. There can be different reason behind this issue.

When the application deployment fail with error 0x87d00213 (timeout occurred), you will see following details on AppEnforce.log file.

Exceeded timeout of 120 minutes while waiting for process 8584 to finish.

WaitForRunningProcess failed. Error 0x87d00213.

CMsiHandler::CompleteEnforcement failed with 0x87d00213

CAppProvider::CompleteEnforcement failed with error 0x87d00213

++++++ Failed to enforce app. Error 0x87d00213. ++++++

As you see in below screenshot, the application installation was started at 16:34:29. Configuration Manager client waited for 2 hours for execution to complete and then it’s considered the deployment as failed with timeout occurred message.

appenforce.log | 0x87d00213


The timeout occurred error generally happens due to below reasons.

  • The application installation requires more time to complete. However the Maximum Run Time given in deployment is less than that.
  • The application is displaying a prompt / dialoug box during installation and waiting for user input.
  • The deployment getting stuck during installation.


Check the following points to identify a fix the issue.

  • Check if Maximum Allowed Run Time is sufficient for application installation.
  • Try to install application manually on problmatic machine to identify the issue. The application might be getting stuck or showing a prompt / dialoug box and waiting for user input.
  • Enable “Allow users to view and interact with the program installation” option and manually run the deployment from Software Center. If application is showing any dialog box then that will be visible to user.

Application - User experience

You also need to understand the issue and number of impacted machine. That will give you better idea if issue is related to indidual machines or other chnages in environment are causing larger impact. If application deployment was working fine and it’s stopped working suddenly then issue may be related with other changes in environment such as group policy changes.

I recetnly faced similar issue. All Powershell script initiated application deployment stopped working suddenly. The deployment was failing with error 0x87d00213 and all existing deployment stopped working.

In my case, a GPO change caused this issue. A change was implemented to allow execution of only digitally signed Powershell script in environment. Due to this, the PowerShell script started displaying a prompt to confirm if untrusted script should be executed. Since, the prompt was not visible to user, script halted at this stage and deployment timedout.

Since the mandate was from corporate security team, we have to sign all existing Powershell scripts to ensure deployment through SCCM.

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