macOS : Enterprise device, MDM and Management tools

Macintosh or fondly referred as MAC, is the first personal computer with a GUI to be sold to end users or customer since 1984. Known for its ease of use, lucidity of the machine, picturesque looks, amazing features to name a few.

Who does not wants an iPhone or a MAC device these days, be it an individual or an enterprise. Users by the MAC due to above reasons whereas enterprise use them as they are easy to use by organizational individuals, needs less security maintenance as compared to Windows, they have a great build quality, it integrates seamlessly with other MAC devices, it can be easily managed and deployed lastly the bonus reason they are just amazing (nearly half of smartphones in use at U.S. enterprises are iPhones).

Mobile Device Management or MDM

Mobile device management or simply MDM is a security software used for administration of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. Apple uses MDM to configure, manage, deploy MAC devices.

For Apple devices in an Enterprise environment; the IT department uses MDM for various purposes like zero touch deployment, enrollment, wireless configuration, update settings, update policies, monitor compliance, manage software and apps, even remotely wipe or lock managed and supervised devices. There are few of the basic ones whereas its application or usage is very varied and vast.

Apple Management Tools

1) JAMf Pro

2) Centrify Direct Control

3) Thursby’s ADmitMac

4) FileWave

5) LANDesk

6) Flexera

7) Puppet

8) Faronics Deep Freeze for Mac

These are to name a few, there are more MAC management software but by far JAMf is the most known, used and scalable MAC management software. There will be more detailed information and discussion on JAMf in the upcoming MAC series in Techuisitive.

Stay Tuned.

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