Configure iOS Lock Screen Message through Intune

Microsoft Intune includes some built-in settings to configure different Apple features on iOS/iPadOS devices. One such setting is to configure lock screen messages on iPhones & iPads. You can configure the lock screen message through Device feature profiles.

This feature applies to below iOS/iPadOS versions.

  • iOS 9.3 and newer
  • iPadOS 13.0 and newer

These settings are available for Automated Device Enrollment (Supervised) devices.

IOS Lock screen message / iPhone lock screen message / iPad lock screen message

Figure: Lock Screen message on iPad

Create a Lock Screen Policy for IOS/iPadOS

Follow the below steps to create a device feature profile to apply the lock screen policy on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad).

  • On the Intune Admin Center, navigate to Devices > iOS/iPadOS > Configuration Profiles
  • Click on Create > New Policy and select the following
    • Profile type: Template
    • Profile name: Device features
  • Click on Create
  • On the profile Basics page, enter the policy name, and description and click on Next
  • On the Configuration settings page, expand the Lock Screen Message and provide the following details.
    • “If lost, Return to…” Message: The message entered here is displayed on the lock screen. You can enter the information that may help identify the owner if the device is lost.
    • Asset tag information: Enter asset details such as User name or device serial number. You can use the supported variables as well. For example, the variable {{UserId}} shows the Intune user ID. You can find all supported variables on Microsoft documentation here.
  • Once you configured the settings, click on Next and assign the policy to the appropriate Entra ID group.
  • Review & create the policy.

Device features - iOS Lock screen message

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