Device Configuration

Microsoft Intune Device Configuration Profiles allow us to configure, enable or disable different settings on Intune managed devices. You can create profiles for different devices and different platforms, including iOS/iPadOS, Android device administrator, Android Enterprise, and Windows. Then, use Intune to apply or “assign” the profile to the devices. The different types of profiles which are available in Intune are Administrative templates and Group policy, Certificates, custom profiles, Delivery optimization, Device feature, Device firmware configuration interface, Device restriction, Domain Join, Edition upgrade and mode switch, Identity protection, Kiosk, Endpoint protection and many more.

How to Manage Windows 10 /11 Desktop Wallpaper with Microsoft Intune

On your Windows OS Desktop, a wallpaper is an image displayed behind the graphical user interface when the user’s desktop is visible. We can use Microsoft Intune to manage desktop wallpaper on Windows 10 and later devices. Microsoft Intune device restriction policies help administrator control Windows, Android, Mac and iOS devices. These restrictions let you control a wide range of settings and features to protect your organization resource.

How to Block USB Device Access with Exceptions using Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune includes Endpoint security policies which you can use to secure your device and mitigate the risks. The Endpoint security blade list all the tools available through Endpoint Manager that you will use to keep devices secure. In this blog post, we will discuss how to block USB device access using Microsoft Intune Device Control settings. We will also discuss how to manage exceptions so user’s with genuine business need can still access USB media’s.

Device Compliance

How to Configure Edge Chromium Homepage & Startup Page Using Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune) Device Configuration profiles allow you to add and configure settings, and then push these settings to devices in your organization. In this post, we will create a Device configuration profile in Microsoft Intune to set Home page and Startup page in Microsoft Edge. Before we go ahead, let’s understand the difference between Home page and Startup page.

Device configuration profile | Microsoft Edge
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