SQL Query to Get Maintenance Window for member of specific collection | SCCM | ConfigMgr

In Configuration Manager, a Maintenance Window allow client configuration changes at specific time defined in Maintenance Window. You can use Maintenance Window to define when Configuration Manager can deploy software update , applications or other configuration change tasks.

The below SQL query will provide the details of Maintenance Window with collection name for all members in given collection. The SQL query can be executed from SQL Server Management Studio.

Remember to replace CollectionID in bold with actual Collection ID.

select fcm.Name as 'Server Name',sw.CollectionID,col.Name as 'Collection Name',sw.Name as 'MW Name',sw.Description,sw.StartTime,sw.Duration,sw.IsEnabled from v_ServiceWindow SW

inner join v_FullCollectionMembership fcm on fcm.CollectionID = sw.Collection inner   join v_Collection col on col.CollectionID = sw.CollectionID
where fcm.name in  (select name from v_FullCollectionMembership where collectionID = 'CollectionID')

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