What’s new in Microsoft Intune – 2212 (December) edition | Technology Updates

Add Microsoft Store apps to Microsoft Intune

Notes from Microsoft Tech Community blog.

This feature is definitely one that Intune admins have been waiting for. We are improving IT productivity by connecting the Windows Package Manager framework into the Intune app service. The resulting workflow allows these experiences to work together seamlessly, providing the ability to add apps from the Microsoft Store for Business to Microsoft Intune. You can now browse, deploy and monitor apps inside Intune. And, you have complete control to curate what your users can install.

Once apps are deployed, Intune will automatically apply updates when new versions are available. Keeping these apps up to date improves security. Apps supported by the Microsoft Store include UWP apps, desktop apps packaged in .msix, and Win32 apps packaged in .exe or .msi installers.

The most important feature to make note of is the ability to browse and search for store apps from Intune. Additionally, admins can monitor the installation progress for store apps.

Explore this capability in more depth with this Microsoft Mechanics video!

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