How to Enroll Android Mobile Device to Microsoft Intune

This blog post provide step by step guides to enroll an Android mobile device to Microsoft Intune.

  1. Download and install Intune Company Portal from Google Play Store to your Android Device which you want to enroll to Intune.
  2. Launch Company Portal application and tap Sign In button.

3. Type your company Azure Active Directory email ID and click on Next.

4. Your company identity will be validated and you will be presented with your organization logo in next page. Enter your Azure AD password and click on Sign In.

5. On “Help us to protect your account” Click on “Skip for Now (14 days until this is required). You can configure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) later once enrollment completed.

6. If you do not see Access Setup page in next screen then click on the Notification bell icon.

7. Click on Company Access Setup is incomplete

8. On the “Access Setup” screen click on Begin.

9. Review the privacy and click on Continue.

10. On What’s next? page click Next

11. On Device Administrator page, Review the details and click on Activate.

12. The next screen will show the progress of device registration.

13. Once device registration is completed, you will see next screen to setup Android Work Profile. Click on Next to setup work profile.

14. Next few screens will show the progress of Android work profile setup.

15. Once setup is completed, you can find “Work Profile” folder with all work applications on your device. Android Enterprise Work Profiles create a sandbox and separate work data from personal data.

16. You can turn off / on Work mode from shortcut menu. Turning off Work mode will disable all work applications and stop email syncs.

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