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When you try to sign-in to any M365 apps on Microsoft Intune managed iOS / iPadOS devices ( iPads / iPhones ), the messages something went wrong – 2002 may appear. The issue happens to all Microsoft 365 / o365 apps which includes MS Excel , Word , PowerPoint , OneDrive , Power BI etc.

There may be different reason behind this error. Different online forums talk about different issues behind this error. However in this blog post, we will discuss about the issue which caused Something went wrong. [2002] error for us and how we fixed that.

Something went wrong. [2002]

Why Does the Sign-In Error 2002 Occur

We noticed that issue was happening for a specific customer site. The devices were enrolled using a separate Apple Device Enrollment ( ADE ) profile. The separate Device configuration Feature & Restriction policies were applied to these devices.

These devices were configured to allow only few web applications and website and access restriction was applied through Device Feature – Web Content Filter. When you select Specific websites only in Filter Type then only those website will be allowed which URL’s are added. All other websites will be blocked. The issue was happening as o365 apps sign-in URL’s were not in allowed list. The web filter “Specific websites only” restrict the sites access from Apple Safari browser. When user try to sign-in to application, the M365 sign-in page open in Safari web browser where website access was blocked.

Web Content Filter | Something went wrong 2002 error

How to Fix Something Went Wrong – 2002 Error

As per Microsoft documentations, the following URL’s should be accessible for o365 apps to work.


We updated the Web Content Filter to allow these sites, forced policy sync on a device and checked again. The issue got fixed quickly after policy update.

Fix Something went wrong. [2002] error

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