Create ADE Enrollment Profile in Intune

The corporate-owned devices purchased through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager can be enrolled in Microsoft Intune via Apple automated device enrollment. An ADE enrollment profile is required to enroll the device. A device enrollment profile defines the settings applied to a group of devices during enrollment.

This article will demonstrate how to create an Apple ADE profile. This article assumes you already have ADE prerequisites configured in your Intune tenants. The prerequisites include:

  • Apple Automated Device Enrollment Token configured and active
  • Apple MDM Push Notification Certificates (APNs) configured.

Create iOS / iPadOS ADE Enrollment Profile

Follow the below steps to create an Automated device enrollment profile for iOS and iPadOS devices.

  • Open the Intune admin center and navigate to Devices > iOS/iPadOS > iOS/iPadOS enrollment blade.
  • Click on Enrollment Program tokens

ADE Enrollment Profile

  • On the Enrollment program tokens page, click on Token name.

Intune | Apple enrollment program token

  • Click on the Profiles > Create profile and select iOS/iPadOS

Intune Apple MDM profile

  • On the Create profile > Basics page, provide the following details.
    • Name: Enter a suitable name for the enrolment profile
    • Description: Enter the brief description to describe the purpose of the profile

Intune MDM iOS ADE profile

On the Management Settings page, provide the following details.

  • User affinity: Enroll with User Affinity
  • Authentication Method: Setup Assistant with modern authentication
  • Install Company portal with VPP: Select the VPP token that you want to use if it’s not selected automatically.
  • Supervised: Yes
  • Locked Enrollment: Yes
  • Sync with computers: Allow All

Apple MDM Intune ADE | Management Settings

Scroll down to update the remaining settings.

  • Await final configuration: No
  • Apply device name template (supervised only) : Yes
  • Device Name Template: Update as per your organization’s naming convention. The {{DEVICETYPE}} and {{SERIAL}} variable inserts the device type (e.g. iPad or iPhone) and serial number of the device.

ADE device name template

On the Setup Assistant page, show or hide the settings as per your requirements. This will only show/hide the setting during device enrollment. If you want to hide specific settings on a device then you need to use a device restriction policy.

ADE | Setup Assistant

On the Review + create page, review the details and click on the Create button to create the enrollment profile.

Intune ADE enrollment profile | Review + create.

You can now see the enrollment profile under the profile blade.

Assign a Device to Enrollment Profile

A device needs to be assigned to an enrollment profile before a user can enroll the device. A device can be enrolled to only one profile and the last assignment removes previous profile assignments.

Follow the below steps to assign a device to an enrollment profile.

  • Open Intune admin center and navigate to Devices > iOS/iPadOS > iOS/iPadOS enrollment
  • Click on Enrollment Program tokens
  • Click on the Token name
  • Click on the Profiles blade and then select the enrollment profile

  • Click on Manage > Assign devices and then click on +Add Devices

ADE enrollment profile | Assign devices

  • Search for the device serial number, select the device, and click on Add to assign the device to the enrollment profile.

Intune IOS ADE | Add a Device to enrollment profile

Wipe a Device to enroll with a new profile

Once a device is assigned to an enrollment profile, you need to wipe the device. The device reboots after receiving the updated policy and its goes through the OOBE screens.

  • To wipe a device, navigate to Intune admin center > Devices > All devices
  • Search for the device using the device name or serial number
  • Click on the device and then click on Wipe from the top menu.

Intune iOS | Wipe a device | iPhone iPad

As soon as the device receives an updated policy, it’s rebooted and the user needs to follow the instructions to complete iOS device enrollment.

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