How to Create and Manage Microsoft Intune Device Categories

Microsoft Intune device categories allow you to easily manage and group devices. Device categories can be used to create Azure AD group and Assignment Filters to manage policy deployments. The devices can be automatically added into Azure AD (Entra ID) groups or Assignment Filters based on device category assigned to a device. Device categories are supported on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Allow User to Select Device Category from Intune company Portal

A user can select appropriate device category for a device from Microsoft Intune Company Portal. To allow user to select a device category , you need to enable Let users select device categories in the Company portal setting in Microsoft Intune.

This setting can be enabled from Microsoft Intune Admin Center / Tenant administration / Customization.

Intune Device Categories | Let uses select device categories in the Company Portal

The users will get a prompt as in below screenshot to choose the best category for their device once logged on to Intune Company Portal.

Intune device categories | Intune Company portal

How to Create Intune Device Categories

Let’s understand, how to create a device category in Microsoft Intune. Follow the below steps to create a device category from Microsoft Intune admin center.

Navigates to Devices / Device Categories and click on Create device category

Create intune device category

In the Create device category page, provide appropriate Name and Description for category and click on Next.

Intune device category

In the Review + create page, review the details and click on Create to create the category.

Intune device category

Check all Intune Device Categories

You can check existing device categories in Intune from Intune admin center or from Intune Graph API PowerShell module.

Check Intune Device Categories from Intune Admin Center

Follow the below steps to check Intune device categories from Intune admin center.

Logon to admin center and navigates to Devices / Device categories. You will see all device categories listed at right side of screen.

how to check Intune device category

Check Intune Device Categories from PowerShell

To check the device categories from PowerShell, you need to connect with MS-Graph. Follow How to Install PowerShell SDK for Microsoft Intune Graph API to know how to install and connect with MS-Graph.


how to check Intune device category with PowerShell

Check or Update Device category for a Device

You can check or update a device category from Intune admin center. Navigate to Devices blade , select a device and go to Properties. You can see the currently assigned category to device. You can also update the device category from here.

Intune Update Device category

You can also check the device category for a device from PowerShell using Get-IntuneManagedDevice cmdlet.

Get-IntuneManagedDevice | Select-Object id,deviceName,deviceCategoryDisplayName

Intune device category

Get-IntuneManagedDevice | Where-Object {$_.deviceName -eq 'TESTVM01'} | Select-Object deviceName,deviceCategoryDisplayName

Create Intune Assignment Filters using Device Category

Intune Assignment Filters allow granular targeting of policies. You can create an assignment filter based on device categories.

In the Intune Admin Center, navigates to Devices > Filters and click on Create Filter > Managed Devices

In the Create filter page, select the following: Adjust the values as per your requirements. Click on Next once you updated the query.

  • Property : deviceCategory
  • Operator : Equals
  • Value : Intune Test Devices

Create Assignment Filters using Device Category

You can use Filter Preview to quickly test the query result. Click on Preview at bottom left screen so see filter result preview.

Click on Next to move to Review + create screen and complete Filter creation process.

Create Assignment Filters using Device Category

Create Azure AD Group Based on Intune Device Category

In the Intune admin center, navigates to Groups blade and click on New Group. Provide the following details.

  • Group Type : Security
  • Group Name : Intune Test Devices
  • Azure AD roles can be assigned to the group : No
  • Membership type : Dynamic device

Click on Add Dynamic Query

In the Configure Rules tab , Add query expression for device category and click on Validate Rules tab to validate the expression result.

Click on Add devices and select the desired device from the list. You can see the result in Status column. A green ticket mark shows that device met query criteria and it will be member of dynamic collection.

Click on Save to return to previous Window. Click on Create to complete AAD Group creation process.

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