Export Device Configuration Profiles List in Intune

While managing an Intune environment, the number of policies grow over the time. At some point of time you may need to review all existing policies to understand if they are still required, need to consolidated or retired. A review may also required if multiple tenants to be consolidated or policies to be migrated to another tenants as part of corporate restructuring, merger or acquisitions.

In this blog post, we will understand how to export device configuration profile list to CSV. The similar approach can be followed for other policy type such as Compliance policy or Firewall policy.

Please find the list of few blog posts related with Device Configuration Profiles. This will help you in understanding Device Configuration Profiles if you are not aware.

Export Device Configuration Profiles List from Intune Admin Center

Follow the below steps to export the configuration profiles from Microsoft Intune Admin Center.

Export Device Configuration Profiles

  • Add or Remove the columns which you want to export as per your requirements.

Export Device Configuration Profiles | Add or Remove Column

  • Click on Export to start exporting the profiles list. The profile name and other selected columns details will be exported to CSV file.

Export Device Configuration Profiles

  • You can see the progress and completion notification in Notifications area. You can access Notification area by clicking on bell icon at top right corner of Intune admin center. The file usually downloaded to Downloads folder.

Intune Notification area

  • The Device configuration profiles list now exported in CSV file. You can open this in Microsoft Excel and analyze the data further based on your requirements.

Intune Device Configuration Profiles CSV

Export Other Intune Policies from Intune Admin Center

The similar process can be followed to export other policies from Microsoft Intune Admin Center. You just need to navigates to different Intune blades , customize the columns and export the data. You can find few examples below which includes policy type and Intune blade you need to navigates.

Profile TypeNavigates To
Compliance PoliciesDevices / Windows / Compliance Policies
Account ProtectionEndpoint Security / Account Protection
Device ComplianceEndpoint Security / Device Compliance
AntivirusEndpoint Security / Antivirus
Disk EncryptionEndpoint Security / Disk Encryption
FirewallEndpoint Security / Firewall
Attack Surface ReductionEndpoint Security / Attach Surface Reduction

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