Deploying Microsoft 365 Apps Stuck in Downloading in Company Portal

Microsoft 365 Apps can be deployed using Intune and deploying the app as Microsoft 365 Apps Type. Making it available for self-service install in Intune company portal, you may experience that Microsoft 365 Apps stuck in downloading status.

We recommend you to use Microsoft Documentation on troubleshooting install or download failure however if it gets stuck in downloading status and doesn’t  provide success or failure status then you must restart the device to reflect the status change.

Intune | Microsoft 365 Apps stucks

Before you restart the device monitor the installation status in Program and Features and monitor it from Start Menu – All Apps. Once the software is available in Start Menu and it shows as installed in Program and Features, proceed to restart the device.

After the device restarts, status will show as success in company portal if M365 appears in Start Menu and Program and Features

Windows 10 / 11 | Programs and Features

Windows 10 | Microsoft 365 Apps | Start Menu

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