How to Enroll Windows 11 Device to Intune through Azure AD Join method

There are different methods available to enroll Windows 11 device to Intune. One of such method is Azure AD join method which enables the user to enroll a corporate-owned device into Microsoft Intune by using settings panel and adding a Work or School account. Once device joined to Azure AD, you need to login to the device using your corporate Azure Active Directory account.

How to Configure Automatic Enrollment

Automatic enrollment lets user enroll their Windows devices in Microsoft Intune The Auto Enrollment must be enabled to automatically enroll the device to Intune as soon as it’s joined to Azure AD. Check out Configure Azure Active Directory Automatic Enrollment to understand how to configure Automatic Enrollment in Azure AD.

How to Join Windows 11 Device to Azure Active Directory

Here are the steps to enroll Windows 11 device to Intune using Azure AD Join enrollment method.

On a Windows 11 device, go to Windows 11 Settings > Accounts. The account you are using should have local administrator right.

Enroll Windows 11 Device to Intune | Accounts

Scroll down and click on Access work or School option.

Enroll Windows Device to Intune | Access work or school

On the Access work or school page, click on Connect

Enroll Windows Device to Intune | Access work or school

On the Set up a work or school account page, click on Join this device to Azure ActiveDirectory

Enroll Windows Device to Intune | Setup work or school account

On the Sign-in page, enter your Azure AD account and click on Next. The AAD account should have permission to enroll the device to Intune.

Enter the password in next screen and click on Sign in

If Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is enabled then you will get a prompt for authentication.

On the “Make sure this is your organization” page, Review the organization and click on Join.

The device is now enrolled to Microsoft Intune. Click on the Done.

You now need to logon with your Azure AD account. You can either reboot the device or just Sign out and logon with your Azure AD account.

Click on the Start Menu and select Sign-out

Logon with your Azure AD account. You will see the Setting up for work or school account ( Enrollment Status Page). This will take sometime depends on the number of policies and applications assigned to the device / user.

The device will be join to Azure AD and you can validate the same from Azure Active Directory console.

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