That account info didn’t work – error when disconnecting Windows 10 / 11 Work or School account


You may encounter below error when try to disconnect Work or School account on Windows 10 / 11. The issue keep happening with different local administrator accounts as well.

Error: That account info didn’t work. Make sure you’re entering info for a local administrator account and try again.

That account info didn't work


This issue may happen if the NetBIOS name of computer is more than 15 characters in length (e.g. : PC-12340000000000000016). in our case, the machine was enrolled to Microsoft Entra ID (Formerly Azure AD) using Windows provisioning package and a long NetBIOS name was automatically assigned to the computer. The machine name was auto generated based on serial number. It was a virtual machine and serial number was longer.


Rename the computer and keep the NetBIOS name with in 15 character. Reboot the machine and then try to disconnect the machine from Azure AD again.

In our case, the machine was successfully disconnected from Azure AD after reducing NetBIOS name length with in 15 characters.

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