How to Export Device Configuration Profiles in Intune

You may have a requirement to export or import Microsoft Intune policies while working on Intune tenant to tenant migration as part of divestiture, merger or acquisition. It’s also required when you tested the policy in a test environment and later need to migrate the same to production environment. You can also have standard set of policies in JSON to quickly import them while working on a new tenant setup. The imported policy can be further customized as per organization requirements.

As of now there are no options available in Intune admin center to duplicate or export Intune device configuration profile. This make the things difficult when you need to export Intune policies to different tenants or want to duplicate a profile to quickly create another one.

The options to duplicate or export settings are available for Settings catalog. However for other profile types, we can use the PowerShell samples scripts available in GitHub. In this blog post, we will discuss how to export and import Device Configuration Profiles  using PowerShell Sample Scripts. You can export / import configuration profiles (Device features, Device restrictions, Kiosk etc.) using this script.

Export Device configuration profiles | Intune

Export Device Configuration Profiles in JSON File

Follow the below steps to export Device configuration profiles in JSON file.

  • Download the  Intune PowerShell scripts from PowerShell Intune Samples and extract all files to local drive.
  • Run PowerShell as an Administrator.
  • Set PowerShell execution Policy to ByPass ( Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass )
  • Install PowerShell AzureAD and Microsoft Graph Module if not already installed.
  • Change the location to the “DeviceConfiguration” under “Powershell-intune-samples-master”
  • Run the script .\DeviceConfiguration_Export.ps1
  • If prompted, login with your Azure AD / Entra ID credential.
  • Specify a path to export the policy data.

export intune device configuration profile | DeviceConfiguration_Export.ps1

The PowerShell script exports each device configuration policies in separate JSON file in the path you provided.

export intune configuration profiles | DeviceConfiguration_Export.ps1

You can open the File Explorer and browse to the folder to see each JSON file.

Export intune policies

How to Import Device Configuration Policy from JSON File

We can now import the device configuration policy from JSON file to a new tenant or same tenant to create another policy. If you need to import the policy in same tenant then simply open the JSON file in notepad and update the policy name. Else policy will be created with same name which may leads to confusion.

Please note that imported policies remain unassigned. You need to assign them to device , users or groups to move them to production.

Follow the below steps to import the policies to  Intune tenant.

  • Follow the initial steps you have used to export the policies to JSON file.
  • Change the directory to “DeviceConfiguration” folder and run the script .\DeviceConfiguration_import_FromJSON.ps1 -FileName <FileName>

DeviceConfiguration_import_FromJSON.ps1 | Import Intune device configuration  profile

You can see the import progress on screen. The script will return to prompt once import process completed.


You can now see the imported policy in Microsoft Intune admin center. Since we have used same tenant for testing, you can see that two policies exists with same name.

Device configuration profiles | Intune

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