System Center Configuration Manager – How to deal with wrong deployment

You are just done away with a software deployment in production environment. Soon you flooded with complain that something went wrong with the deployment and it need to be stopped immediately.

What should be your next step? What are the best practices to deal with miss deployment?

The most common answer i have heard is : Delete the deployment.

Well, that’s sound good to stop the deployment on new machine. You just deleted the deployment and relaxed.

However, trouble is not over here. You got a call from higher management and they asked you to provide the list of all users / machines impacted by deployment. Once identified, you have to work on remediation plan.

Now you have another challenge.

How you can pull out these details? When you deleted the deployment, its remove all such details from SCCM along with deployment.

So, what are the best option to deal with wrong deployment?  There are many such option available which you can use to stop the deployment. This will also ensure you have historical data available if required for reporting / remediation purpose.

  • Expire the deployment by setting Deployment End Date to past.
  • Remove the content from the distribution point(s). This way client would not be able to deploy when it already received the policy.
  • Switch deployment target to a blank Collection.
  • If its CM2012 Application then you can just right click on an application and select “Retire”.

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