Intune – Win32 App Deployment failed with error 0x87D300C9

Microsoft Intune Win32 App deployment may fail with error 0x87D300C9. The error code translates to The unmonitored process is in progress, however it may timeout. This error usually occur when process get stuck during execution. See the full article for more details.


Intune Win32 app deployment failed with error code 0x87D300C9.

Error Code: 0x87D300C9

Error Description: The unmonitored process is in progress, however it may timeout.

Error Code: 0x87D300C9

Intune – Win32 App – Error 0x87D300C9

Cause for Intune 0x87D300C9 Error

The error code 0x87D300C9 tells that process execution was in progress when Intune stopped monitoring the process. The issue usually happen when process gets stuck during execution. With application, it may happens due to corrupt installation, incorrect command line arguments or executing installation executable without silent switches. With a PowerShell script, a message box may cause script execution to stuck forever until forcefully terminated.

Solution for Intune 0x87D300C9 Error

Validate command line switches to ensure they are correct. Try installing application manually with same switches to confirm it’s not showing any pop-up message during execution.

Try installing the application manually with same source file to confirm it’s not stuck somewhere. If this issue is happening on few computers then try to do manual install on one of problematic computer. The installation may stuck due to corrupt installation source or an issue with other dependencies such as .Net framework.

PowerShell script may stuck forever if a message box is being displayed by script during execution. Run the script manually to confirm it’s not displaying any message box during execution.

Let’s dig further to understand why deployment was failed in our case.

We have analyzed the IntuneManagementExtension.log file. The command line switch used was incorrect. Hence Microsoft installer was displaying a prompt to show correct usage. The prompt requires user intervention to close it however the prompt was not visible to user as application installation was happening from system account. The installer process timeout after 60 minutes. You can see in second screenshot that win32 installation was aborted after 60 minutes.

IntuneManagementExtension.log intune 0x87d300c9

Figure: IntuneManagementExtension.log

IntuneManagementExtension.log 0x87d300c9 intune

Please see the example below. We tried to install Microsoft Visio Viewer 2016 with same command which is incorrect. The switch /qs used here is not correct. Microsoft installer displayed a message box which need to be closed by user. When same issue happend with Win32 application deployment via Intune, it gets stuck and deployment failed with error 0x87D300C9.

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