Intune Bulk Enrollment with Provisional Package failed with Error 0xCAA2000C


Using provisioning package device failed to complete AAD Join. The issue can also be tracked under Audit Logs in Azure.

You will get entry of the device that you are trying to onboard , looking at the Azure audit logs it shows that the device gets added and then gets removed immediately.

intune Provisioning Palcage error 0xCAA2000C

DeviceAADJoin’ failed with ‘0xCAA2000C’ at CSP node ‘AADJ/BPRT’. Provisioning failed can also be seen in Event Viewer.

Workaround for Error 0xCAA2000C

While there could be multiple issues related to 0xCAA2000C , the one that worked for me was to exclude MFA for Intune Enrollment. After I created a Conditional Access Policy to exclude Intune Enrollment for MFA I could see device successfully getting joined to Azure AD using Provision Package.

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